Accessible PDF

Are your PDFs Accessible?

What are Accessible PDF files?

Usually, accessible PDF files are “tagged” documents. Tags are hidden accessible elements that provide structure for screen readers.

An accessible PDF is a document that is easy to use/access by everyone and meets established accessibility standards including people with disabilities; this includes access by people who are blind, visually, or cognitively impaired or color-blind.

Accessibility is not just the law but also a universal responsibility to include individuals with disabilities in every aspect of a business.

The Importance

Why is PDF accessibility so important?

PDF accessibility is crucial and ensures that everyone can access PDFs. Whether the PDFs in question are invoices, bank receipts, fillable forms, brochures, medical diagrams or reports, or a government declaration, the information contained in them is essential to the person that needs it. And everyone, including people with disabilities, should be able to access them.


How it works?

Standard PDF or word documents are usually not accessible. This means that people with disabilities using assistive technologies like screen-readers cannot correctly read them and comprehend the content. Since people with disabilities do not access PDF documents the same way sighted users do, PDF accessibility becomes critical.

Here’s what usually goes into making files and documents accessible:

    • Run the accessibility checker that is built into Acrobat Pro
    • Add a document title and language
    • Add tags to an untagged document
    • Create bookmarks & organize the reading order
    • Check the headings that follow a logical hierarchy (i.e., H1, H2, H3)
    • Add alt-texts to images and any other non-text content
    • Table should be properly structured & row header and column should be explicitly identified
    • Check for appropriate color contrast and font-size
    • Make sure each link is unique, meaningful and should help users to know the destination page
    • Forms fields should be labelled and tagged, ensure that the user can enter values.

What is next?

We can help you in this whole process and the
PDF Remediation work.

What is PDF Remediation?

PDF Remediation is the process of “tagging” digital elements, fixing accessibility errors of PDF documents so that they can be accessible, navigate and interact within the PDF document. In simple works remediation refers to the process of removing barriers that affect people with disabilities.

Interested working with us?

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